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Everyone speaks, but not everyone has the ability or guts to talk in front of a crowd at an event

Ever spoken to someone and later you hear that same person addressing an audience in a different voice & style? That my friends define what differs those who can & those who cannot. As the topic suggests, I am listing a few dos & dont’s when speaking as a host or an emcee at an event. I will share some good points for you to…..’ Give a Damn good speech!!!!’.

In a nutshell, there are two types of speeches, planned or off the cuff. Most people need to plan what to say when there is a need to address an audience at an event. The ones who can speak off the cuff have an added advantage & that is guts & confidence. As a presenter or an emcee,  plan by writing down all the points you wish to dispense at the event. The masses always appreciate simple English. You might not know if the audience will understand certain bombastic words you might use in your presentation.  If they can’t understand you, they will lose interest.

The basics of a good speech start by identifying your topic. Tell the audience clearly what you want to say right from the start so that they have an idea of why you are up there. Do it in the form of points & highlights. This practice will be useful as you are already setting the tone of your speech. If it is a formal & essential speech, you can do this by your tone of voice & speak in a very “as a matter of fact” kind of voice.

The power of utilising Silence in your speech makes the tone more essential & you are allowing the audience to think when you have said something important. Listen to heads of states when they address their nation. There are 2 to 3 seconds pauses before the speaker goes into the next point. One crucial point I would like to make is, always look at your audience in their eyes when speaking. This habit gives you credibility & they will appreciate the fact that you acknowledge their presence.

When making a casual or ‘off the cuff’ speech as the saying goes, you still need to have your points as a guide. Be yourself and have some jokes up your sleeve to lighten the mood. You can even start with a joke to set the mood for the time you are there at the podium.

Always remember, he or she who has the mic has the power to control the moment. Go to the event slightly earlier and do a mic test to make sure you are comfortable with the way you sound. It will be an added advantage if you have some technical knowledge of working the equaliser to optimise your vocal quality. Have you heard of the term, ‘the voice of God?’ That is when an announcement comes on, and the whole room stops talking & they are mesmerised by the voice. We all aim to have that kind of quality coming out of the speakers.

Follow these simple points, and YOU can deliver an unforgettable award-winning speech….However, always remember the golden rule,” Never Let Your Mouth Work Faster Than your Brain”… coz once it is out there you can never retrieve those spoken words.

Hope you have enjoyed the read.  My name is Rico and I’m an Emcee in Singapore.

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