Why Every Event Needs a Professional Emcee.

professional emcee

There is a saying, “A professional emcee will help you deliver an event you can remember, not only for your own personal benefit, but also for the benefit of the audience.”

In most cases, the Emcees task will be to ensure a smooth running of the event from start to finish. A great Emcee/host will ensure that the events go as planned, overcome any difficulties that arise and make sure everyone in the audience feel involved.

Master of Ceremonies (MC or emcee for short) is the person who hosts an event. Sometimes referred to as MC (or “Ambassador”), this role includes speeches and presentations to the audience, monitoring the agenda to ensure the event runs smoothly, get the audience motivated and introducing performers and speakers.

A professional emcee is expected to hold the event on time and at the same time, ensure a smooth process. If the organizer has not yet done so, the Master of Ceremonies will prepare the agenda for an event and schedule the event so that the organizers can schedule each section to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Just because Bob or Susie from your organisation speak well and are likeable, that doesn’t mean they turn into a competent speaker who will gracefully lead the event professionally. 

Hiring a proven professional as moderator of your event ensures that your event gets a confident, competent communicator who knows how to handle unexpected variables with grace and improvisation, who is adaptable and has the ability to read the room. A professional emcee is not only able to read a room, but also to step on stage and read from it.

Hiring a dedicated professional and credible host for an event helps clients and planners ensure that event objectives and metrics are achieved, and attendees get back on the action after the event. It also frees your organization as a leader and employee to focus on connecting with participants and colleagues both on the event and on stage. Hiring professionals as your event’s emcees, in person or virtual, help your client or planner to ensure that all of your event targets have been met, as well as all the actions your attendees will return to for, whether they take action after the event or not.

Venues are a great way to create a unique experience, but they require a little more work from you. Whether you need to hire a local event coordinator or run your own event, it pays to invest in creating a greater experience for your attendees.

With a virtual moderator, you do not have the additional responsibility of hosting the event yourself while you are involved in planning the event. A virtual event centre can help with some of the painful points of an online event and smooth out the entire program.

Every event is different, so it is impossible to give it a boost without spicing up the Emcee’s script. Here are some tips to keep in mind: Start strong, get visibility, ensure consistency and end with a bang.

Your target audience and your budget decide the type of MC that you need for your event.  Whether the crowd is international or local, for example, should seriously affect the way the professional emcee is chosen.

A virtual moderator will not only attract more attendees to your virtual event, but it will also make people feel that your event is important.  A recognized industry leader in the Emcee market, who naturally has event hosting skills, can be a valuable asset for potential customers attending your events. The right virtual host will turn an event from a one-off event into a professional event where participants will talk to each other for years to come.

At the end of the day, it is good to check on reviews of the emcee you have in mind.  Something that looks like the reviews on our Testimonials Page.

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